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Geneva, Oil at Any Price is a 52-minute Swiss documentary directed by Tay Blyth-Kubota and Roland Chauville.

Japanese and British, Tay Blyth-Kubota is a filmmaker with over a decade’s experience specialising in cinematography, documentary, self-shooting, and humanitarian and human rights filmmaking. A graduate of the London Film School and Cambridge University, he is currently working freelance. Recent clients with whom he has worked for either a director or cinematographer include UN Agencies, international NGOs, TEDx, Montreux Jazz Festival, the Discovery Channel and national and international broadcasters. He also works as a trainer empowering Communications specialists to become self-shooters in the field. 

Roland Chauville is Franco-Swiss. He began his career in the field of human rights by founding the NGO UPR Info in Geneva in 2007. After ten years as its director, he left the organisation to found an independent production house, Les Productions du Noyer.

Geneva, Oil at Any Price is his first documentary film.

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The film is produced by les Productions du Noyer and Radio Télévision Suisse - RTS.

Les Productions du Noyer is a production house created in Geneva in October 2019 by Roland Chauville. Its aim is to promote human rights and the environment through all forms of artistic production.

The documentary Geneva, Oil at Any Price is its first production.

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We have recorded a podcast in which Tay and Roland, co-directors of the film, explain the creative process that went into making this film.

Podcast available here.

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Les Productions du Noyer

Roland Chauville



Radio Télévision Suisse - RTS

Documentaries and Original Series Fiction Unit

Steven Artels / Gaspard Lamunière


With the participation of

Cinéforom and the support of Loterie Romande


With the support of

Freestudios - Genève

Fonds de production télévisuelle



Tay Blyth-Kubota

Roland Chauville



Tay Blyth-Kubota


Animation and illustration

Martine Ulmer



Naima Bachiri



Marquis' McGee


Written by

Roland Chauville

Tay Blyth-Kubota



Francois Pilet


Voice over

Adrienne Butty Bucciarelli

Christophe Delesques


Post production

Freestudios - Genève

Giorgio D'Imperio

Jean-Charles Weber

Boris Rabusseau

Maxence Ciekawy

Remi Mencucci

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