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Breaking news in the world oil trading capital, Geneva: one of the largest companies, Gunvor, is accused of corruption in the Republic of Congo. Roland and Moke, Swiss and Congolese activists, decide to shed light on this legal case while exposing the operating model of this oil sector little known to the Swiss population. As corruption scandals multiply, the Congo is bogged down in poverty. The film reveals the impact of these companies on developing countries and questions the responsibility of the Swiss authorities who host this oil trading industry while refusing to regulate it further.

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Genève, du pétrole à tout prix_TEASER_EN_SUB
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Moke Loamba

President of the Association for Human Rights and the Prison, Congo  ​ 


Brice Mackosso

Permanent Secretary of the Justice and Peace Commission, Congo


Yves bertossa

Senior prosecutor, in charge of complex cases 

Department of Justice of Geneva


Sylvain Besson

Journalist, Tamedia


Agathe Duparc

Investigator, Public Eye


Jean-Francois Lambert

Consultant, Lambert Commodities


Lisa Mazzone

Member of Parliament, The Greens


Yves nidegger

Member of Parliament, UDC


Mark Pieth

Swiss expert on corruption

Former Chair of the OECD Working Group on Corruption


Beat rieder

Member of Parliament, PDC


Marc Ummel

Head of Raw Materials Sector, Swissaid

Le Film: À propos
Le Film: À propos
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